Our Mission

Our mission is to save the lives of homeless dogs by transporting them to safety with our shelter partners in New England.


Alamo Rescue Friends (ARF) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization, established back in 2010 when we launched San Antonio’s first official long-distance transport program. With shelter partners in New England and a comprehensive transport program, ARF has provided foster care, medical care, and long-distance transport and safe placement for thousands of San Antonio’s stray dogs.

After eight years of hard work and collaboration in San Antonio, the city has made remarkable strides in saving its homeless dog population. As a result, we’ve encountered a wonderful problem: with more and more dogs being adopted locally in San Antonio, our large-scale, long-distance transport program no longer fills the critical need it once.

To continue to most effectively serve animals in need, we expanded our transport program to include additional communities in the south that face overpopulation challenges similar to those that San Antonio faced. Leveraging ARF's existing, successful transport program; our relationships with receiving shelters in New England; and our custom transport vehicle made possible by a grant from the Petco Foundation, we remain dedicated to bringing homeless dogs to happy new beginnings in New England.

What We've Achieved               

  • We've saved the lives of thousands of homeless dogs entirely through volunteer efforts
  • Through our Pawsability Fund, we provide medical care to ill or injured dogs who need additional care before they are ready to begin their next chapter with an adoptive family.
  • ARF has been recognized by the ASPCA and Subaru "Share the Love" Rescue Ride grants  
  • Our transport vehicle is made possible by a generous grant from the Petco Foundation

About our transport program:

  • All the dogs transported by ARF have been fully vetted, undergone behavioral evaluations, and quarantined prior to transport. They receive certificates of health for interstate transport prior to departure, in accordance with USDA guidelines.
  • We collaborate exclusively with receiving shelters in New England who quarantine the dogs upon arrival, in accordance with state regulations, before they are available for adoption. The dogs receive another health certificate in New England after being examined by a licensed veterinarian through the receiving shelter. Our shelter partners require meet-and-greets between the dogs and prospective families are required; we do not participate in sight-unseen adoptions.
  • The dogs travel in a custom transport vehicle made possible by a grant from the Petco Foundation.
  • We are unable to provide transport service to individuals seeking transport options for an animal.

Questions? Feel free to contact us